About us

Having spent many years hiking trails throughout the world and in my homeland of Australia I could see the effects on others who had not considered their nutrition fully while on the trail. As a long distance hiker, I know all too well of how the body responds and can break down over time if the nutritional needs are not met.

We tend to spend the big bucks on getting the best gear for our adventures, making sure our equipment is going to last the journey. This is important and will certainly help in making the journey a better one to enjoy. However, one thing I had started to notice was people did not tend to put that same money and effort in looking after their most valuable piece of equipment – their body!

If your equipment like your tent gets a rip or your backpack has a hole you will manage and it can be fixed. This does not necessarily mean you are of the trail or you adventure is over. If your body breaks down then more often than not you are off the trail or adventure over!

Not having enough good fuel to feed your body you will start to notice it getting more lethargic, your mind hazes over and you lose concentration. Your focus just is not as sharp as it can be leading to a great risk of injury or getting lost, you might not be making the best choices or decisions and that can lead to making mistakes and in some case serious and dangerous mistakes. The list of effects just keep going but I think you may see what I am talking about. Look after your number one and most import piece of equipment and you will give yourself the best chance of having an amazing adventure and then many more after.

At Feed the Hike we are offering yummy homemade dehydrated soups for when you are in the great outdoors. Our soups are made-to-order only so whether you require a lunch soup or dinner option we cater for both. We have a range of delicious homemade wholesome soups packed full of healthy nutrients, very lightweight , do not take up much room in your pack and they also are multi-purpose. I often use my soups through my rice or pasta when on the trail. Have you ever thought of putting some soup mix into a bread or damper mix and cook on the campfire?