Feed the Hike Affiliate Program

Feed the Hike Affiliate Program offers you a free opportunity to earn extra money while we do all the work.

We provide you with a Feed the Hike Discount Code for you to give to your audience.
This code will allow your audience to have their own 5% Discount.

The code can be promoted via your website/newsletter, online posts, or own videos.

After the code is used we then process and ship the product and give you a 8% commission of the sale price.

So, the more sales from you the more commission you will receive. If this appeals to you then please contact us for further details of our program.

*Not all affiliate requests will be approved, this is at the discretion of the Feed the Hike team. We at Feed the Hike reserve the right to cancel program codes at anytime without notice though outstanding orders will be honoured.