Feed the Hike (2)

Time spent in nature has proven over and over to be the medicine we all need, the nutrients our bodies crave. It gives us mentally and physically the goodness that is essential to a healthy, happy life, especially in this modern artificial, fast-paced world we live in.




There is nothing better than a bowl of yummy homemade soup when you are in the great outdoors. You may need a cup of soup for lunch to give you that boost to continue on your adventures for the rest of the day or when you are tired from a day of amazing adventures and the chill in the night air is kicking in. Imagine just sitting around a campfire or in your tent with a bowl of warm homemade wholesome soup, for me it is just what your body needs.

Soups are one of the best food items for any adventurer to carry, especially on multi-days. They are packed full of healthy nutrients, very lightweight , do not take up much room in your pack and they also are multi-purpose. I often use my soups through my rice or pasta when on the trail. Have you ever thought of putting some soup mix into a bread or damper mix and cook on the campfire? Add less water and have a great Veggie mix.