Feed the Hike (2)

Time spent in nature has proven over and over to be the medicine we all need, the nutrients our bodies crave. It gives us mentally and physically the goodness that is essential to a healthy, happy life, especially in this modern artificial, fast-paced world we live in.




It is not just soups!

That is right, here at Feed the Hike we are not just soups as we have now added to our range Quick-Rice and Sweet Potato Mash!

Soups are not only nutritious to have on your adventure they can be had in multiple ways too. When I cook up my serving of rice or pasta, particularly for the evening meal, I cook it with my soup mix to give me a vegetable rice or pasta dish. The Hearty Mushroom Soup cooked with rice makes a great risotto, the Minestrone and Sweet Potato Mash make a great Vegetarian Cottage Pie!

So, when we say it is Not Just Soups it really isn’t.