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Time spent in nature has proven over and over to be the medicine we all need, the nutrients our bodies crave. It gives us mentally and physically the goodness that is essential to a healthy, happy life, especially in this modern artificial, fast-paced world we live in.



Moroccan Pumpkin

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This soup is so delicious yet subtle with the sweetness of the butternut pumpkin enhanced by the aromatic Moroccan spices and the added nutty taste of chickpeas this dish will leave you feeling very satisfied yet longing for more.

Moroccan spices of cumin, ginger, coriander and paprika with a slight kick of chilli that is smoothed along by the coconut milk. Having the chickpeas not only gives the nuttiness to the flavour it adds the much needed plant-based protein that is needed for sustaining your energy for any adventure. When it came to choosing the pumpkin, you can never go past the sweet creamy butternut.

This is a great soup to have with some rice to make the perfect fulfilling dinner your body desires after a great day of adventures.

Weight: Lunch - 36g Dinner- 55g

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